Oh, You (Still) Self – Sabotaging?

How do we manage to get to a place where we acknowledge the things | people and situations that are unhealthy for us yet we continue to place our selves | our minds & our mental health at risk?

Self infliction, Self abuse, Self Hate all come in the form of avoidable circumstances – that although we know can potentially be detrimental to us – we unfortunately continue to allow them into our space, we allow them to control us & we carry that energy with us. Often repeating the same patterns that left us feeling depleted before?

Self-sabotage is any negative behavior, thought or emotion that prohibits you from getting what you consciously want. Self-sabotage is the conflict that exists between conscious desires and unconscious wants that manifest in self-limiting, unhealthy patterns of behavior.

Knowingly placing yourself in situations that will ultimately harm you, do you wrong, cause you distress or discomfort – is indication that you’ve either 1. Haven’t reached a place of self worth | 2. Haven’t healed from previous traumatic experiences that are in some way relating to any current situation you choose to indulge in – that has become a trigger. 3. You aren’t able to identify the things or people around you as being detrimental to your well-being because unfortunately – that is all you’re accustomed to. * And * you can’t do better if you do not know better.

When we are unable to elevate on a higher frequency, because of the things we are choosing to allow to occupy places in our space – it get’s to a point where we have to begin to question ourselves and inquire why we are continuing unhealthy patterns, why we are engaging in things that have a repetitive history of not having a good outcome – why are we doing these things to ourselves? Why are we being a disservice to ourselves? It’s almost like self harm but without the physical wounds.

That’s something for you to think about!

  • Recognize Your behavior. The way you choose to respond and what you choose to engage in.
  • Remember times when these things did not work out for you, the negative outcome.
  • Figure out deep within yourself why you keep allowing the same things to happen.
  • Stop feeling guilty about acknowledging when enough is enough.
  • See if your own personal trauma is linked to any of the things you’re experiencing.
  • Get rid of baggage and dead weight.
  • Change your own behavior – realize what’s worth it and worthy of you.
  • Start looking at yourself as worthy!!!!


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