Why Brown Girls… Should Heal…

Imagine being in a space so secure with yourself – your desire to heal, love and spread love has the ability to change the entire narrative surrounding (black) women.

Have you ever heard of the Queen Bee Syndrome? – The adult version of mean girls, the women who posses an envious spirit, a negative spirit, women who need to feel superior against other women. They struggle with their own growth | development | status | self esteem | integrity.. that they are unable to appreciate the good in other women.


shall we…

It’s a huge trigger warning when a woman is to strong – to beautiful – to vocal, it’s a trigger to other women who haven’t found their voice. Who haven’t learned to see the beauty in things outside of them and inside other people.

In a room full of people – if one person hates you – that person is the one with the issue… NOT YOU. Don’t take that on.

There are so many negative stereotypes surrounding (black) women – the way we act towards one another – all this “lady harshness” between “queens” – women not supporting one another – finding it easy to put each other down instead of lifting one another up. Sprinkling salt on the negative narrative that’s already been created.

Can You Imagine

A tribe of strong women forming together, getting shit done, all while supporting and healing one another, how powerful that shit would be?

I am still (in my 30’s) meeting new women, creating new bonds – finding new support, but my focus began to shift once I started evaluating how many friendships I’ve had for 10+ years and when they came to an end, I realized – my life wasn’t affected when they were no longer around. So my needs in friendships began to change – of course when I started treating myself fairly.

I always say “It’s dope to have a crew you can party with, but how many of them can you pray with?

Sometimes people don’t realize how harmful certain “connects” are until its to late.

Creating healthy boundaries, I ask myself…

  1. Can I learn from them?
  2. Can I teach them?
  3. How my spirit reacts to them
  4. How I feel when I am away from them?
  5. Do they fill my cup?
  6. Do they respect me?
  7. Do we lift each other up?

I’ve reached a point in my life

Where I am unable to form mediocre bonds

I can’t afford to stretch my energy thin on things that don’t deserve me.

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