Depression Also Smiles – The Side We Don’t Hear About

DEPRESSION: “The Constant fight between you and your own thoughts, The battle between you and your own emotions – The intense fight between YOU and YOU”


NOT SO FUN FACT: In 2017 statistics show more than 16 million adults suffer from MDD (Major Depressive disorder) – statistics also show every year MORE than 44 thousand Americas have ended their own lives.  The problem with identifying depression is that no one wants to – people are afraid to seek help, tell someone, be transparent about how their feeling. Depression is not always in the form of apparent sadness and solitude – Depression smiles. Depression has no “look” and does not discriminate, it does not target the poor and sick. Unfortunately, none of us are exempt.

“Depression, suffering and anger are all part of being human.” – Janet Fitch ❤️



Depression can make 1 hour seem like 1 entire day or even more, not wanting to get out of bed, eat, or over eat, completely cut off the outside world, the desire for little to no stimulation at all. I know so many people who battle depression (some on a daily basis – others in waves) nonetheless – it is still living largely amongst so many people I care about – including myself.

It’s so easy to view depression as a “cry for attention” – those who have never been through the darkness of depression, will never understand. I remember living in moments so dark it was difficult to ever think “light” was near. Once I educated myself, became aware of exactly what was happening for me emotionally and mentally – it became easy for me to say “ok, this is normal, as unspoken in the black community as it may be – what I am going through, millions are battling with..” it became easier for me to find coping methods, ways to express myself to my friends and family without sounding unsure or uncertain, it became easier for me to properly articulate exactly what I was feeling, because if you’ve ever dealt with depression you know how easy it is to feel that wave of sadness and not know why or how you’re feeling that way, more so how to properly express it to people without feeling judged or misunderstood. 

In my life I’ve gone through a lot of really hard times. I went through depression and had so many challenges that I overcame. And I overcame because I just decided to be happy.” – Lilly Singh ❤️


Understand Yourself.

  • Research your symptoms &  Educate yourself 
  • Be open
  • Talk about how you’re feeling
  • Surround yourself with positive energy
  • Accept what you’re going through
  • Do not be to hard on yourself 
  • Practice self-care 
  • Practice safe solitude (being ok with being alone in a nondestructive way)
  • Recognize who is deserving of you
  • Take on only what you can – leave the rest
  • Be gentle with your process 
  • Be okay with seeking outside help (you are not weak if you seek help, you are strong enough to know you need it)




2 thoughts on “Depression Also Smiles – The Side We Don’t Hear About

  1. The most jarring things is that depression smiles. It’s rings so true for me. All the time you see someone smiling, you never know what they are going through. Thank you for sharing this, I too struggle with my depression and I want to say that you have unwavering strength. I’m with you.


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