Lets Get Motivated

There is not shortcut to success. There is no special password or hidden message for you to one day figure out. Everything is work – hard work and sometimes tears. The fight to be seen and received & the fight to keep your passion and art alive.

How comfortable are you right now?  – With and In everything that you are doing. Where ever you are, think about what drives you – keeps your focus and keeps you going. Think about where you are in this moment and NOW think about where you would like to be, How you would like to grow & the things, people in places you’d somehow like to experience. In the moment where you become overwhelmed with confusion about what you want, what drives you, what keeps you pushing – simply think about the progress that you’ve made thus far in everything ….. & let that be the driving force.

Word Art

It’s so hard to see the good in situations when things seem so bad… It’s so hard to see some sort of light, when you’ve been stuck in the dark for so long. Long periods of being stagnant, noticing a pattern of loss of interest. – It is so hard to stay motivated and channeled into your greatness when you are incapable of progressing at the pace in which you see fit. 

We (well I will speak for myself) to often I am to hard on myself to the point where I will start a project – it may not go well initially and I will become so frustrated with myself that I completely forget the end goal in whatever it was I was trying to accomplish. I became completely engulfed in self-pity that I forgot the journey I was on. I forget the reward of the journey I am on. 

1. Create a list of all realistic future goals.

Jot things down, mental notes can only take you so far. Keep this list on you at all times, weather in a note book or on your smart phone, anytime motivation hits, where your brain wonders on the exact thing(s) you’ll need to make that specific goal come to fruition – write it down, write down all the different ways that come into your mind about how you wish to achieve that goal. Keep in mind, That list will change overtime, your ideas will change overtime – as you change so will the steps you choose to take to reach your target goals. 

2. Keep a list of affirmations close by.

This is so important when formidable amounts of self-doubt and insecurity start to rise in you. Remind yourself every single day that you are worthy and worth it. Powerful and Empowered. Allow yourself to not be compelled to believe the negative thoughts that can take over you.

3. Trust Yourself & Practice Patience.

Stop being hard on yourself, stop looking at what other people have through the eyes of envy and view it through the lens of motivation. You are right where you need to be – fortune never happens overnight – and neither does the success we wish to have, trust yourself to know that you are on the right track.

4. Keep your heart in it.

Don’t let fear overpower your passion. Turn your fears into the fight to be the best at whatever it is you’re trying to accomplish – let the fear be a driving force. Make sure despite whatever blocks you may receive you keep your passion strong, you remember why you’ve started – what you wish to gain & the impact you wish to make. 

5. Keep Amazing People Around You

Keep people around you who genuinely lift you up, who celebrate you, who keep you grounded. People who support you and love you. People who continuously uplift you – even when you don’t think you’ve won because you trying is a victory in itself. Keep like minded people close to you. People who encourage you, love you and honor you – when you need it the most.

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