Are You Working For Your Passions & Purpose or A Paycheck?

If you are feeling down about your job – the path you are on, the fact that you are working for a company that does not appreciate you, if you’re feeling overworked, overwhelmed and under supported. Know you are NOT alone.

This read may be for you…

Feature: SkyBritnei owner of DELAJIPI

Please note: Reality is, all have bills and responsibilities, we all are living in the vibrations of adulting, we all want the luxury of the “nicer things” in life, but why is there this obligatory notion that as someone’s “employee” you are deserving of the unnecessary stress and bullshit that comes with clocking in and out. I mean, realistically, no one person can just up and leave their job without a plan……. So if you’re feeling like you aren’t being appreciated and that job is not the place for you & in your heart you know you can be doing so much more… Now is the time to devise a plan!


While you sit at work, in the comfort of your home, in whatever spaces you’re reading this article, I want you to ask yourself

“Do I love what I do” | “Am I happy” |  “Am I fulfilling my purpose” | “Am I appreciated”

Many of us spend our lives working under the umbrella of someone else’s success because we are afraid of climbing our own ladder. There’s a lot that comes with following your passion, that can surely send the most talented driven individual running for hills.

QUICK CHEERS AND RECOGNITION, to everyone who has quit their job to do what they love under their terms and conditions. YOU ARE MOTIVATION!

You wonder… “Will I be received the way I invasion” | “Will people support me” | “Will this go where I image it going”.

Reality is, majority of us are stretching ourselves thin because we are putting our passions second to ALL. Imagine the leap of faith it takes to just say fuck it – quit your job – dive into yourself full force and wake up with the same exact motivation and drive every morning, because let’s be real –  I am sure there are days when you get out of bed at 7am to go to a 9-5 and wonder “why am I doing this”….

If it doesn’t make you happy, it’s not for you.

To all my 9-5’ers…. No “job” is worth the stress – if your passions aren’t being fulfilled yet your energy is being drained, it’s not for you. Learn to find the balance. Keep in mind – no matter how good of a “worker” you are, you can be replaced – and at some point – you will be!

Finding your Purpose:

  1. What are you dope at?
  2. What drives you?
  3. What makes you happy yet can possibly provide you with an income?
  4. What are your strengths?

Motivating Factor: We all have passions; we are all GREAT at something, we are all SMART in our own right, and we are all capable of doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING – that damn fear just get’s in the way.

I am personally blessed to be surrounded by individuals who are following their passions and encouraging those around them to do the same. I am PRO “quitting” when it comes to employment (especially if you are sanity is being compromised). You’re not quitting, your simply taking control of your happiness and the things around you.  I feel like there is nothing worth your peace of mind and face it – we spend majority of our days at work with a small 3-4 window to self care before going to bed and repeating a cycle that for some may be unhealthy. And for those who have kids, this leaves you a possible 1 hour window to self care, if that. Ask yourself, is it worth it.

I was so grateful to be able to pick my good friend’s brain on her endeavors since deciding to do what most of us want to do when it comes to “jobs that aren’t serving us” and say “fuck it…. Ima do me”… Sky is the owner of DE LA JIPI, a company started by HER for US. It’s always astounding to witness the evolution of those around you – especially when you watched them literally take that leap if faith. This exchange was needed and her words in itself were an affirmation that I am doing the right thing and taking the right steps to continue to walk in my purpose.

I hope you find peace in reading this…

Irene: So, What is DE LA JIPI?

Sky: DE LA JIPI is healing embodied; of the mind, body and soul. It is alignment. I created DLJ during a time in my life when I was going through a spiritual awakening. I was in turmoil — emotionally, mentally and physically — and I found that creating was therapeutic for me. I literally felt better after making art. And I wanted people — my people, first and foremost — to feel that too. Not only did I want them to experience the magick that I created but I wanted them to know that they too are art, that they too are worthy, that they too are capable of creating art. Of helping to heal themselves and one another. So not only do I teach ways for others to show up for themselves; I hold sacred safe space, I teach about different healing/holistic practices, I remind my people of their worth, I share affirmations constantly and can only hope that my passion is felt through that and hope my products aid in their healing and ascension. Healing embodied.

Irene: What is your passion/purpose?

Sky: I am passionate about many things. Art, Love, Freedom, Culture, Healing, Mental Health, Holistic Wellness. The list goes on and on. Ultimately I believe through my passions, my purpose is to be of service to my people. My purpose is to help others heal themselves and their collective through art. My purpose is help others tap into the divinity and art within themselves. PeriodT.

Irene: What was your previous employment before deciding to be a full time entrepreneur, how long did you work there and what were the feelings that led you to part ways with your last employer?

Sky: Before deciding to be an entrepreneur full time I worked at a local hospital in the administrative office of the Psychiatry department. I was there about 3 years but knew after a few months that it wasn’t the situation for me. I felt UNFULFILLED. I left unappreciated. I thrive on freedom and I felt caged. I had no voice. No purpose. There was no room for growth. Not to mention, (as a person that graduated with a Bachelors in Psychology and as a person that is passionate about mental health) I was able to see CLEAR AS DAY that even within my own community, mental health facilities weren’t equipped nor did they care about serving my population. Everything was about numbers — money. Plus you have the predominately white workspace and dealing with that as a black women. Imagine a bunch of white men telling you about the black experience? Yikes. Lol, many many emotions. Last but certainly not least, eventually I got angry. I used to wake up in a good mood and as soon as I saw my work building, I grew anxious, tired, upset, immensely sad. I was tired of knowing my purpose and not walking in alignment with it.

Irene: What would you say are the up and down sides of entrepreneurship?

Sky: The ups are knowing that I made the right decision. Being led by The Divine, my intuition, the Universe, God. It is knowing that I am doing exactly what I am met to do. It is connecting with like minded people. The ups are genuine soul ties. The people affirming that what I’m doing is helping them. The people that ask questions, share my posts, give monetary support and all that jazz. The ups are waking up and being ready to create. To give my energy and know that I’mma get it right back. It’s truly an unexplainable feeling. And the downs? Just the opposite. Being led by fear. Wondering if I made the right decision. Wondering if I’m doing enough. Waking up and not wanting to create anything. BUT for every down there are 3 ups and I have been BLESSED.

Irene: What advice would you give someone who is struggling to find their purpose? 

Sky: This decision has been the best decision I have ever made thus far. It has granted me the thing I value most in this world — freedom. It has taught me to trust myself. It has given me the ability to learn discernment. To know when I am moving by faith or by fear. It has given me the opportunity to dive deeper into my spiritual practice. I am journeying through sadness, happiness, abundance, trials, lessons, successes, love and peace … all on the way to freedom. I am blessed beyond measure.

You can find more of DELAJIPI —–> Here!!!

Here’s to following your heart and choosing your passions and purpose!

– Irene

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