Stop Expecting You From People

There’s a saying, treat others the way you’d like to be treated – but so often the “others” can’t seem to live up to that standard when it comes to reciprocating the good vibes they receive, but more so I think the expectation that people are “supposed” to be good to us, because we are to them often leads to disappointment.

It’s crazy how the kindest people are often treated the worst – by those they are the kindest to.

I also think it’s important to recognize when there is a shift happening with the people around us, when things don’t feel the same, and when energies have become a combat instead of comfort.

Hopefully these pointers will help you navigate through your expectation for folk and limit your heartache in the process.

Stop automatically expecting kindness in exchange of your kindness: Remember you are the way you are because that’s what feels good to you, not because there’s some emotional reward required. People hold no obligation to you, even if its expected. When kindness is done with genuine intent, no reward is warranted. The true value lies in knowing you’ve been true to who you are… 10 TOES DOWN

Stop expecting to receive energy in the same exact way you exude: We all speak different love languages – I’ve come to realize a lot of it is based on exposure and what that person may have experienced in regards to love in their upbringing. If you aren’t exposed to a certain kind of love unfortunately its difficult to receive or radiate what you are not used to.

Don’t expect people to read your mind:  Transparency is important and so is open communication, but please understand, no matter how transparent you may be – people will only see and understand as far as what they operate within themselves.

Projection is REAL: People will sometimes view others in the light in which they view themselves & in the process project their negative emotions onto you not realizing they are “the trigger” in your life. Sometimes their happiness only goes as far as how happy they may feel within themselves, and – unfortunately – at times – that may not be very far. So instead of acknowledging who you are, they reflect who they are …. onto you.

Release all EXPECTATIONS: The highest you expect the hardest you will let down. Learn to see people for who they are, meet them where they are even if meeting them where they are means they can no longer be a part of your space.

Stop expecting people to compensate for the love you lack within yourself:  Stop anticipating that people will re-fill your cup when you haven’t yet acquired the tools to fill your cup yourself. Release the expectation that people are supposed to love you MORE than you love yourself.

Gain that pleasure from the inside out,  before seeking it from the outside

I definitely had to learn the hard way that just because I exude a certain energy, handle people with care, love and kindness I can’t expect people to provide me with the same dote – that same energy and that same vibration. I always forget people can only meet me as far as they’ve met themselves- for those who still have growing to do, don’t be too hard on them – understand where they are and allow that to help you with navigating through.

Regardless of it all

Love Should Always Exist


4 thoughts on “Stop Expecting You From People

  1. This is 100% on point. That is why it’s so important to love and respect yourself. Always look out for yourself first and foremost. You must look out for your wellbeing. Once you have established independence in the sense of knowing and loving yourself you do things to establish greatness, regardless of what others may or may NOT respond to. In reality, it shouldn’t way/bring you down. You are responsible for Your Happiness. You are responsible for Your Life. I have learned to do things without expectations, this way I will never be disappointed. As Mary Poppins would sing: Que Sera Sera whatever will be will be.


  2. I struggle with expectations all the time and this post just gave me so much life! This year is my personal year of reflecting and my first step is self love and care. Thank you for shining a light on so many issues I’m dealing with but not ready to vocalize your voice is my platform


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