Self Care is Avoiding Toxicity

/ˈˌself ˌprezərˈvāSHən/
the protection of oneself from harm or death, especially regarded as a basic instinct in human beings and animals.
“a sense of self-preservation cautioned her not to stick around”

A Wisdom that if you haven’t yet mastered the art of self-preservation, what it means to really care for self and what it means to release and disconnect from anything or anyone that is a trigger to your peace, peace of mind or an “activist for negativity”.  I think real growth comes with knowing when you are conscious of self and protective of self, when you can acknowledge when you shouldn’t be in spaces that don’t feel good to you, that don’t feel genuine or that aren’t beneficial to your growth or contributes to your tranquility.

Sometimes you’ve got to disappoint others to protect yourself.

There is POWER in putting you first. There is POWER is recognizing where you should place your energy, where you should place your time and recognizing the spaces that are SAFE for you to be a part of.  It’s important to listen to your body, anxiety is a sign…  Pay attention to the way your heart beats in certain situations, the way your comfort level shifts around certain people. The feelings in your gut, your intuition. Never go against these feelings. Your spirit is ultimately trying to tell you something by creating this anxiety and making you physically uncomfortable.

Once you release something or someone| Release them: Don’t allow them back into your space – even If that means avoiding the spaces they may enter. Any space that negative energy consumes is ultimately not the space for you.

Make sure you keep like minded company: You cant keep a positive space with negative company. If the people around you aren’t contributing to the space you are trying to build, they are not for you. Keep the people around you who are on your same frequency, who walk a similar path and shine a similar light.

Stop spending time with people who constantly talk bad about people: This is so important because please keep in mind – any one who talks bad about others to you is probably talking about you…. To others.

Completely separate yourself from anyone who has attempted to harm you, talked back about you or attempted to knock you down in any way – this also includes people who associate with these people. There is no way someone can love you and love the very same people who have tried to tear you down or tarnish your name.

Empaths Attract Narcissist

Never allow someone to make you feel bad for putting you first

Make sure you are comfortable in everything you do

If your heart isn’t 100% full – re-think it

It Is okay to change your mind

It is okay to decline things

I think at times we struggle with letting people down more than we care about letting ourselves down. Only to realize we are the ones suffering, we are the ones uncomfortable and riddled with unnecessary anxiety, worry and stress – which is all avoidable – had we simply stopped to focus on the needs of ourselves.

Here is your reminder

You are just as important as the people you so desperately want to make happy make sure the exchange in energy is equal, you are understood and more importantly your needs are respected.

One thought on “Self Care is Avoiding Toxicity

  1. Reading these blogs have stop myself from doing the unthinkable at times, Helping me to see self again, only if its for a little bit. Thank you. Hope to receive more emails of encouraging uplifting messages.


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