Healers Need Safe Spaces Too

Healers & Empaths have bad days too.

We are not superhuman.

Please NOTE being empath is a SUPERPOWER but also a SUPER STRUGGLE.

I remember being a child and crying when someone would laugh to hard, simply because those emotions were either confusing or overwhelming.

I think there is so much pressure for empaths, healers, or anyone in any kind of work that is aligned with spirituality or empowerment to live up to this standard of perfection that doesn’t exist, even for the happiest of people.

Natural Empathic people feel it in their core.

We can’t escape it.

I think the difference is, learning to compartmentalize the things around us, our emotions, determining what really holds value and what should be able to hold space to us and what is worth the time that it takes to either be upset, angry or “emotional”, realizing where my energy should be placed.


I will make mistakes

I will often shut down

I will sometimes feel overwhelmed and TIRED

Truth is, how human would I really be If I didn’t have moments where I felt I needed to break down or ask for help the same way help is often asked of me?

Ode to the “Struggles” of An Empath

  1. I will cry at puppy commercials and happy children. I feel every emotion deeply and with passion. I mean realistically who doesn’t love puppies and happy children.
  2. My emotions show before I announce them or if I try to hide them. You know the saying, “the writing is on the wall” (or maybe that was an album, nonetheless).. When it comes to feelings, my wall is my face and energy – the emotions are the writing. This isn’t always a good thing, no matter how much I try to hide it, eyes don’t lie and neither do vibes.
  3. I live in the reality of being an antisocial extrovert – a tad bit socially awkward if vibes don’t resonate or mesh with my spirit. I realize this comes from me literally being able to pick up on every single energy around me – this is draining as fuck, whether you want to admit it or not, picking up energies of people around you (whether you know them or not, whether you care about them or not) can be draining.
  4. My need to help everyone around me and give love to everyone around me at times definitely leaves me responsible for the emotional maintenance and balance of those around me who trust me.. with them.
  5.  I will never be able to hold space for hate or negativity (especially from others). No matter what people do, how people are or may act, or the negative energy they may exude – once I feel like I am either becoming a co-signer to your negative vibrations or that you are in some way rubbing off on me in ways that leave me operating on a lower vibrational wave – I will slowly remove myself or love you from a distance – where you have no access to me or my energy.

Stay Emotionally Guarded

  1. Remember you come first
  2. Set Boundaries with everyone around you
  3. Process your emotions
  4. Practice accountability
  5. Practice Self Care

Limit over exertion & always take care of you.

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