10 Affirmations & Daily Reminders You Should Always Take With You

The Power of Positive Thinking

Ultimately you are what you think. Your thoughts dictate how you view yourself, how the world views you. Your thoughts determine the day you will have, your actions, interactions, your approach to everyday life situations, trials and tribulations.

Your crown is the powerhouse, the driving force.

Check out this Quick Read on aligning your Crown Chakra

Reality is, half of the time, most things we feel are solid gold gut instincts (and although I honor the gift of intuition) the other half (well) … that half is created from fear. It’s created from insecurity and sometimes even trauma. Constantly feeling inadequate or like our best just isn’t good enough. If you’re reading this and feel like this or have felt like this, remember this…..


Here are a few positive affirmations that I personally find helpful especially when I am feeling imbalanced, mainly with my thoughts.

Take what you need – Share what’s helped you. You never know who needs the love.

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