Finding Your Passion, Aligning in Purpose

Now y’all know I STAN for a Black Owned Business, young entrepreneurs, people aligning in their purpose … But you know what make that even better? When those people are your friends – your sisters!!!! Watching them flourish in their light is literally like watching my subconscious self graduate from the most prestige of colleges, just damn proud.

I previously had the pleasure of writing about a good sister of mine (check DELAJIPI JIPI here)

Author and creator of The Perfect Alignment.

I’m so grateful to be surrounded by such beautiful, aligned, divine women. I am seriously motivated every single day & all they have to do is exist.

I had the honor of picking Shandy’s brain on her now explosive brand The Perfect Alignment. Which initially started as a platform for writing and healing – she has take her creative niche to another level bringing us beautiful apparel and body adornments.

What made you start The Perfect Alignment?

Shandy: One major thing was seeing how we (women) can go through certain things and leave them uncovered, not talk about them, or express what we have dealt with or what we are dealing with. I needed to find a therapeutic way of releasing pain and trauma and I found that through pen and paper.

What was your inspiration?

Shandy: There’s one author that I love and her name is Alex Elle. Her transparency and vulnerability in her writings gave me the motivation to know that I, too can be vulnerable without fear.

How did the idea of creating nose and ear cuffs happen?

Shandy: To be completely honest, boredom! (Insert cute laugh here). But the idea of the body adornments was actually created out of boredom – pushing myself & and seeing how “outside of the box” I can be, but it was also an “ahh ha” moment when I realized “wait, these actually look really good” and not only that, I was having fun creating them, it was free therapy.

How does body adornments align with The Perfect Alignment?

Shandy: I think it perfectly aligns with purpose – (especially the nose cuffs) We all deserve to feel beautiful, to POP in our own individual way and I know for me, when I wear the nose cuff, it does give me an extra boost of “you are that bitch”. Growing up, I hated my nose – NOW its one of my favorite features. Wearing the nose cuff actually reminded me that I am in fact absolutely stunning, despite what flaws I may think I have. The goal is for those who wear these nose cuffs to feel beautiful, confident, and powerful.

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