How do you honor yourself? How do you replenish after you’ve been depleting?

Everyone’s trauma and triggers are different, therefore our healing looks different too, right? We all have our own vice, our own ways of getting back to 10 after we’ve been removed from the place we’ve worked so hard to build up. Although no situation is worth taking us out those spaces, reality is.. it happens!

I wanted to shine light on me of my go-to’s for my spiritual needs. From energy cleansing kits to crystals, I always appreciate when I can purchase my life saving spiritual items from people I hold near and dear to me.

Giving you a little more on RespectMyZen.. straight from the source herself.

What inspired RESPECTMYZEN?

Nelz: RESPECTMYZEN (the Writer) was inspired by life’s lessons. The interaction and connection to people in the past and present. But also, RESPECTMYZEN was inspired by self-love. Using my voice to create boundaries, while expressing my artistic side through inspirational posts, poetry & meditation. RESPECTMYZEN (The Energy Cleanser) was inspired by the need for peace. Peace of mind, body and soul. Clearing away negative energy, attracting positivity and manifesting desires.

What do you want people to gain from you?

Nelz: I want people to gain extra support in respecting their zen. We all have too much on our minds to, feeling overwhelmed by life. Creating a space that reminds you to either tap in or tap out of situations are important in respecting your zen; and creating the blueprint for others to follow. I want people to gain confidence in creating those boundaries – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

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