Mystic Magic & Lotus

So here’s the 1738th reason why I am so blessed. I am filled with spaces of women who’s goal is to create spaces for other women and be a space.


From the Heart Of Lotus:

LobaLand is a wellness oasis created for alpha women who wanted self care that’s easy & efficient.

Total mind, body & spirit connection from our podcast on spirit & mental wellness to our physical products of spiritual skincare & aromatherapy to our curated masterclasses & guided meditations.

Our intention here on earth is to eradicate generational trauma for Black womxn & usher in a new legacy of limitless self love.

I just want black Womxn to be self first unapologetically. To experience luxury & indulge in the beauty all around us

Lotus also blesses us with moon readings, you can find them here

I am so blessed to be surrounded by such divine feminine energy, women who see one another, but not just that – just the genuine love and magic that radiates off of every woman in my life…. You cant tell me I’m not walking in God’s favor.

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