10 Tips For A Mindful Meditation

The thought of meditation for some can be a few things

1. Scary 2. Weird even

The main thing that limits the feeling most of us want to receive from within post meditation, is feeling like you have to follow a rule book, the feeling that you aren’t “doing it right”. In a nutshell, stop putting pressure on yourself – there’s no rule book or grade to a successful media – it’s what feels good to you.

1. Find or create a space that feels safe for you. A space where interruptions are limited. Don’t feel weird about setting a mood for yourself – candles, music that speaks to your soul, incense – anything that makes you feel good.

2. Focus on your breathing for the first few minutes. Regulate your breathing and always remember to breathe.

3. Check in with yourself – how you’re feeling going into the meditation and how you want to feel coming out. if you’re feeling anxious going in, allow peace to be your influencer coming out.

4. Don’t put pressure on yourself. There is no wrong or right way, it’s about what feels good in that moment. The goal isn’t to complete your meditation feeling like a whole new person – because you won’t, but you should feel a little more peaceful, a little lighter – than you did going in.

5. Don’t worry about your thoughts not turning off, meditation isn’t here to silence you – but to grant you the solace of feeling what you need to feel and logically recognizing what you’re feeling.

6. It’s okay to feel, it’s okay to cry. Meditation is also about releasing feelings that cause you to vibrate lower.

7. Disconnect: because right now the only person that matters is you. Social media can wait, friends and family can wait. You are worthy of 5 minutes.

8. Reduce movement, focus on the stillness around you and the stillness within you.

9. Give yourself grace…. Start small 2-4 minutes and become familiar with yourself all over again.

10. Celebrate yourself when you are done. Tell yourself how proud you are of you.

Please also take advantage on the resources around you. I’ve included some podcast to help you on your journey.

Browngirlsheal- THE PODCAST

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