You ignored your intuition? Congratulations you played yourself.

Have you ever felt like you were receiving signs about a person or situation, your intuition stronger than ever, things suddenly don’t feel right but you aren’t sure where those feelings are coming from. You’re getting that “gut” feeling your grandma used to tell you about. However, you choose to against all those signs and red flags, because you only want to see, what you want to see – but eventually those signs start to get stronger and stronger, until they actually begin to hurt.

Please understand our bodies give us divine wisdom, the feelings we feel when we know things aren’t right, we have to start accepting and acknowledging that maybe, just maybe “this is unhealthy”.

We’ve all been there, we’ve all experienced the discomfort, the increase in your heart rate when you are around certain people, the immediate agitation you feel when someone’s name is mentioned or the immediate avoidance of places that for some reason doesn’t feel safe to you.


It’s the “ My spirit doesn’t take you” emotions for me – this is a real thing. At times, even to people or situations that are NEW to us. Before we even get to a point of acknowledgment, spirit is already telling us to STAND CLEAR and STAY AWAY.

I’ve been here, I’ve been in situations where I desperately wanted to see the best in people, but BABYYYY intuition, gut instincts and energy is REAL, it is a THING, is EXIST.

I always tell people and constantly have to send myself these same reminder.

When the universe shows you signs, believe what you’re being exposed to.

You see what happens is we ask the Universe, God, whatever higher power you believe in… When things are in a disarray, when we are faced with challenges or confused about our current state, when things seem off and we seek the universe for guidance. Trust me when I tell you, the Universe hears you, God hears you and they send you the signs you need…. but do we listen?

I can honestly say, I DON’T… it’s almost like after the first sign, I try to convince myself otherwise, I try to convince myself that “it is not what it seems” I convince myself that people and situations aren’t what universe is showing me.

Here is what I’ve learned … Universe does not like being ignored and they will come harder and harder until you take heed to what’s being exposed to you.

1. If you feel anxious every time you have to wake up and have face certain things and or people – maybe those situations and people are not for you

2. If the mention or thought of someone immediately triggers anxiety in you – that person is NOT for you

3. If you find yourself at a crossroad, re-evaluating what you should do, what you’re going against… Always choose you, always choose what inner voice is telling you

4. If things aren’t clicking in a way that flows in ease – re-evaluate that situation

5. If things, people or situations ever feel off…… They probably are

Honor yourself – Honor your body – Honor your peace of mind

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