Shadow Work. Healing is ugly, but that breakthrough though

Shadow Work: Re-Learning & Re-Loving yourself from the inside, out… all over again

Understanding shadow work and why it’s such an important part of your healing journey, of you coming into a new.

Sitting with your shadow self, the side of you that may not be the prettiest.

The side of you that causes the most discomfort. Understanding…

1. Why do I respond / react this way?

2. Where are my negative patterns and self talk stemming from?

So what is our shadow self: In a nutshell, our shadow selves is our dark side. The side that holds on to pain, the side that influences our rage and negative disposition. The side behind our insecurities and negative self talk. The side that houses whatever trauma we (may) have been through that we haven’t healed from.

The dark side of shadow work that no one wants to deal with………….

Having to figure out why we are the way we are.

Our shadow selves are born when traumatic experiences take place, when we go through something that alters our thinking, habits and transform the way we navigate with others and with ourselves.

Understanding Shadow Work

Believe that you are worthy enough to heal. Pleasure threatens pain. Your subconscious, darker side, shadow self doesn’t want you to be free. Know that you are worthy of the breakthrough

Understand yourself, understand what you’re feeling. Don’t avoid the ugly feelings. You can’t appreciate joy if you don’t experience pain. Reflect on your feelings by asking yourself

  1. What’s causing me to feel this? (The Trigger)
  2. How can I regain control & reclaim my power?

Really desire to learn yourself from the inside / out

Ask yourself:

  1. Why am I like this?
  2. Why do I respond/ react this way?
  3. Have these habits worked for me?

Our insecurities & self doubt often share the same space with our shadow selves. When you feel like you’re about to “negative self talk” flip that & fill yourself up with love

  1. I am worthy
  2. I am capable
  3. I am deserving

Lead with compassion for yourself. In order to really heal you have to forgive yourself. You have to face what’s breaking you down & tell “it”, that it no longer has a hold over you.

Ways to get you through your journey:

  1. Meditate
  2. Express immediate gratitude
  3. Give yourself grace
  4. Remember, you’re not being timed. This is not a race
  5. Fill you heart with affirmations & positive self talk
  6. Be okay with FEELING & not avoiding those feelings

Affirmation from my heart to yours:

“Sometimes I have breakdown in order to breakthrough”

Mantra from my heart to yours:

“Pain no longer has permission to house itself in my heart”

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