Friendly Reminder: Disengage it’s Okay

How often do you tap into you? Fully tap into you with no interruptions and outside noise?

It’s easy to forget about ourselves trying to be there for everyone else around us. It’s only easy to recognize that you’ve put yourself last when it’s time to pour into self and you have no energy left to give.

Quick Reminder 1: You are worthy of rest

December 16th 2020 – although we are in a pandemic, many of us are still working from home, many entrepreneurs and small business owners are pouring into their craft more than ever, because, well, times are crucial. Yet, although, in the comfort of our own space, we still find ourselves, overwhelmed, overworked and exhausted.

How are we able to knowingly pour into everyone else around us and struggle to fill our cup in the end?

Why do we keep pouring into people who aren’t or can’t pour into us?

Quick Reminder 2: Don’t allow the day to go by without doing something kind for yourself. – you deserve

As most of us are confined to our apartments either by choice or fear of what’s happening right now, there are so many things you can do in the COMFORT of your own, from the COMFORT of your home.

Peace of Mind is Closer Than You Think

Highlighting a few favorite ways I care of self during this time

  • Immediate gratitude in the morning. (A moment of humility and gratefulness because a lot of people lost their lives this year, a lot of people have dealt with being sick or watching loved ones battle this craziness.) Gratitude that I am able to continue to hold space, continue to give love and receive love, continue to do what I love and blessed that each day I am granted a second chance to do it again.
  • Showers… long showers… multiple showers…. Take yourself away for a moment , the bathroom is the one place (hopefully) that you’re least likely to be interrupted. Take advantage of that space. Music, candles.. whatever you can do that sets a mood for yourself, do that.
  • Prepare a nice meal for yourself, if energy and spirit leads you to do so. Or hell – UberEats in an option too. The point is treat youreelf
  • Engage in healthy conversation, with friends who uplift you and keep you grounded. Who create humor out of nothing just to see you smile.
  • Put on your favorite playlist and Dance!!!!
  • Appreciate the solitude and safety that can come with just being, alone… being with self and appreciating how good you feel to be around.

Leaving you with this affirmation:

“I deserve peace… I am peace”

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