Quarantine & Heal

First, I hope wherever you are, whatever you are currently doing while reading this. I hope you are Safe, Healthy & in Good Spirits. Sending immense love to anyone who has lost a loved one during this pandemic.

Quarantine shook shit up, didn’t it?!?!

So here we are….. Day 173826 of this pandemic. It’s crazy, 2020 is almost over and the majority of the year many of us have spent feeling stuck, feeling stagnant, many are jobless, some have had to plan funerals… the world literally took an unexpected turn in a direction that I think initially felt like a mini vacation for some opposed to a world wide crisis.


My light appreciation for our current climate….. At times we don’t realize how fast we are actually going, doing to much & not taking the necessary time, breaks and space for ourselves. A lot of our routine prior to COVID was spent working a 9-5 at jobs (that many of you probably don’t want to be at in the first place) and are stressed at, then to come home to either manage a household or take care of children, only to then have about 2 hours or less to yourself before you have to wake up and do it all over again – repeat the same unfulfilling series of events.

What I’ve been grateful for:

  • The extra hour(s) of sleep
  • The pace of the world slowing down
  • Group family zoom calls (when was the last time 30+ of your family members were on a call at the same time)
  • My time heavily spent at the park when this pandemic first started to “take over”
  • Spending time with my tribe
  • FINALLY Sitting in my shit and dealing with it
  • Longer Showers
  • Meditating MORE, Meditating LONGER
  • Building (new) amazing relationships

I think for me, this situation we are all in has (honestly) taught me how short life is & how much energy I was putting into everything else and everyone else around me and neglecting myself – my needs, neglecting to address situations I was purposely and consciously avoiding – choosing to dive head first into work and everything else that seemed like a healthy distraction.

COVID has shown me that in a heartbeat, everything can change.

COVID has shown me how much we genuinely avoided our problems and stressors (now look at us, dealing with it and healing).

What’s been helping me get through this……. showing daily gratitude for life & an amazing tribe that’s never let be fold or break.

Affirmation for Peace During Difficult Times:

” I am stronger than any situation I am currently going through”

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