Heal & Stop Projecting Your Pain into Others

Okay, I know the title seems a bit harsh but the reality is…. yes, if you don’t heal from the past, the people and the trauma that’s still living rent free in your heart, you will continue to either…..

1. Continue cycles of self harm (knowingly placing yourself in situations or around people that are no good for you)

2. Constantly see reflections of your past in other people

3. Your triggers will forever know just what to do to see you at your worst

Real Quick

Gaslighting: Manipulative behavior that forces you to question youth thoughts and emotions, often leading YOU to start to ask yourself “Am I bugging” “ maybe I shouldn’t have”…. knowing damn well you’re not and you should….. have.

Projection: Oh dear narcissistic folk… this ones for you (cheers)…. allowing someone to throw their insecurities, fears, trauma and self doubt onto you.

I think the problem isn’t with folks who have yet to ascend past their trauma (because the reality is, no matter how much work we do or have done, there’s always room to grow) but the problem is for the folks who know they have healing to do, acknowledging their triggers and pain, yet continue to maneuver through this world saving face and continuously place themselves in harmful situations, because for some, when all you’ve experienced is trauma & pain, that becomes the norm.

Peace is foreign. Happiness is scary.

3 Reflections while on your journey

1. Are you maintaining healthy friendships?

2. Are you a trigger to people and yourself?

3. Are you easily triggered?

Accountability is a big part of the journey. Recognizing where you may have played a part in your own chaos, recognizing unhealthy patterns and familiar situations (you willingly place yourself in) that do not feel good or resonate as reflections of your past / pain.

“Healing also looks like, not allowing that shit again”

Be gentle with yourself, but also, be firm enough to take your power back.

Affirmation from my heart to yours: “I am stronger than my problems, these uncomfortable feelings will not last and will not take up space”

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