Leave fear behind. Walk proud in your purpose

5:28 am

Random thoughts as the “desire to be great” is keeping me up. As my book comes to completion and I sit here going back and forth, experiencing extreme anxiety knowing that I am finally doing something I’ve had my heart set on since the age of 16, and now, here at 33 – it almost brings me to tears… WOW!!!! Finally!

A few words of encouragement for anyone who needs…

  1. You can do whatever TF you put your mind to
  2. Always walk in your purpose, emphasis on YOUR. There is great “genuity” in being authentically you
  3. Give yourself credit for how far you’ve gotten and come (with whatever you’re working towards)
  4. Don’t rush your process, there’s no one in this race with you
  5. Take necessary breaks – there’s no deadline, do “it” when it feels good to you
  6. Hold your passion for your craft close. Nurture your gift

No matter what you’ve been through in life, no matter how hard things may have been this year, you are doing damn good.

Quick self reflection

– There’s no way I am sitting here with all this talent (yep, I am coming for you in this moment) because I know there is something that you are great at, passionate about – and the world is just waiting for you to shine your light.

Encouraging You To:

– Find your passion

– Remove negative self talk, doubt and fear

– Be Consistent (when it feels good, the flow is so easeful)

– Be true to yourself, always

Final Reminder:

You are the only one standing in your way, remember that.

love is love always

– EyeRene

One thought on “Leave fear behind. Walk proud in your purpose

  1. I am so proud of you. Life in itself is hard as living in today’s norm is very challenging for some. One thing that I always verbalize, is that we, as people are purposeful and was created for a reason. That reason may not be visible to some. Making a difference can be huge or minut. Keep doing what you’re doing. The greatest gift of life is finding your purpose, living and loving it. The repercussions of your actions will resonate with others and that’s when your glory is shown.


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