Are you really happy?

Imagine attempting to navigate through life 24 hours a day7 days a week – like everything is fine…. Instead of dealing with your shit and/or asking for help from those around you.

Go ahead and drive yourself crazy trying to “be okay” all the time

So many of us overthink acnowleding our own feelings

you don’t have to be strong all the time – there’s strength in vulnerability

Reflections during times of chaos

  1. How am I really feeling in this moment?
  2. Are there things I am choosing to avoid, to avoid having to deal?
  3. Do I feel safe?
  4. Can I identify what’s causing me to feel this way?

A lot of times we seek happiness as an escape from sadness, stress and the every day trails and tribulations of life.

“Let me go be around people because that’s what makes me feel good”

I am one of those people, I enjoy human interaction especially with those that resemble love, at the same time being aware enough to understand that when those people are gone, when I leave… I (alone) am left to deal with the same things I just “escaped” from.

its okay to feel unpleasant feelings – the same way it’s okay to feel joy.

The real key is – not allowing those unpleasant feelings to dictate how you treat yourself and those around you, to not allow those unpleasant feelings or thoughts to become your reality or your new norm – to still be in control even though you feel like you may be loosing a little of it.

you got this.


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