Manifesting the life you want

I’ll jump right in, if you are familiar with the laws of attraction, positive thinking, the power of our thoughts.. then you should be familiar with manifestation – because honestly, we do it every single day (whether consciously or unwittingly) we are always manifesting.

As repeatedly said… our thoughts attract our belief systems within ourselves. What we feel and tell ourselves dictate how we view ourselves, how we navigate in our relationships with others and essentially the way we treat and love on ourselves sets the narrative and tone for how others deal with us.

Imagine constantly witnessing someone mistreat themselves, love themselves with the bare minimum – they will essentially attract people who treat them in reflections of how they treat themselves.

Manifesting look like…

  1. Changing your mindset, speak love into yourself, affirm your worth and believe that you are worthy
  2. Create an intention journal – a book where you consciously list your dreams, goals, desires… all things you wish to obtain
  3. Express gratitude daily, for yourself, for life, for the opportunity of a second chance to TRY and DO it again, and better
  4. Spiritually align yourself with yourself – (i’ll clarify) GET TO KNOW YOU from the inside, out. Learn what works for you, how you navigate through stress, how you create peace for yourself.
  5. Release expectations and deadlines – give yourself the grace to get it down and remove the pressure you may be placing on yourself. If you do choose to set deadlines, make sure they are realistic and don’t interfere with your normal self – care routine
  6. Actively working towards your goals – setting a plan and executing that plan as it feels good to you
  7. Release what isnt serving you – what’s holding you back – what’s not holding space for you – what’s not making you feel bliss. Make sure the people in your life are a source of encouragement and motivation.
  8. Celebrate your small wins ( I’m trying to get out of saying “small wins” ) because realistically every win is a huge one!!
  9. Create Vision Boards / Post encouraging words around your space – seeing the light in front of your face everyday definitely makes the process more easeful. Imagine waking up every morning with the affirmation “YOU GOT THIS” next to your bedside? How can you not find the fire within?
  10. Be intentional about everything that you are doing, everything that you are putting your energy and heart into, the conversations you are having, the effort you are putting into yourself – while being mindful, that you are operating from a place of love, peace, ease and kindness, – stop being hard on yourself.

With grace and love, encouraging you to (when you put your best foot forward) you always give yourself the celebratory grace to know that every move forward is a milestone, every achievement should be celebrated, every step closer is a win.

Affirmation from my heart to yours:

I acknowledge my progress and celebrate it daily

xoxo EyeRene

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