Be patient with yourself during your journey

  • Patience… Understanding we are not perfect beings & we never will be
  • Patience… Giving ourselves grace to feel whatever it is we need to feel (but not allowing those feelings dictate or control us)
  • Patience… Accepting ourselves for who we are (while doing the work to be better versions of ourselves in the NOW)

Let me first start by saying if you are currently on a journey, experiencing an awakening, doing the inner healing work, being accountable for self… congratulations! I know how scary this journey can be – the things we may see, realize and have to come to grips with – So I am tipping my hat off to you. The healing will be beautiful.

Cultivating Patience Within:

  1. Stop putting pressure on yourself to be perfect or live up to this ridiculous standards you’ve placed on yourself (at tines these standards and expectations come subconsciously, we don’t even realize the pressure we’ve placed on ourselves until we’ve already started beating ourselves up.) The pressure essentially comes from feeling like we aren’t doing enough, we aren’t where we need to be, we haven’t accomplished enough. Perspective switch: Instead of feeling like you haven’t / aren’t doing enough, think about how much you’ve accomplished. Instead of dwelling on where you “should be” show appreciation for where you are, the beauty in your now.
  2. Start celebrating yourself, where you are. Goals you’ve accomplished, Goals you’ve simply thought about, the small victories, the “small” wins, celebrate that.
  3. View life from a “glass half full” lens. When things start to get a little overwhelming, focus in the good that is flowing in and around you. There is always good flowing around you. My always and forever go to thought of gratitude is “I am alive”.
  4. Impatience and judgement go hand in hand – Once our patient with ourselves decreases the judgement and negative self talk creeps in with a vengeance. Our minds are powerful, our thoughts our powerful – we will actually believe the ugly things our shadow self is telling us.

Being patient with myself included understanding and accepting that I am going to fuxk up, I am going to dishonor myself at times (whether its with not honoring my boundaries or not getting enough rest), but in all of that, I remember that I am human – and real growth comes in self awareness and accountability. We are our biggest critiques and sometimes we can be damn cruel. I am not perfect nor do I aim for perfection, I simply thrive to be my truest self.

Journal Prompt for Patience within: In this moment, what are four things you’re grateful for?

Lessons are Beautiful.

Give yourself time – the only person in this race is you

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