Focus on the now


I know at times it seems hard to focus on all the good happening around us when “something” happens that throws that joy off track.

Gentle Reminder I fill myself up with “Things could always be worse”

Whenever I find myself in any situation that seems stressful / overwhelming/ too much in the moment – I sit with myself, trying to come to grips with why I feel the way I do, I think about what in that moment triggered me or “set me off” and how I can handle those feelings, emotions and situations with a greater force of resilience opposed to succumbing to fear.


Immediate moments of gratitude have included:

  1. Grateful for the chance to experience life another day
  2. Grateful for life and health
  3. Gratefulness for the food we eat the breath we take
  4. No matter what is happening around you, I am healthy
  5. Grateful for the love that flows around me daily
  6. Grateful for tribes that motivate and encourage me daily

Encouraging you to find peace in your now, to make gratitude for the small things we often take for granted fall center in your heart.

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