Mindfulness & The 5 Forms of Self Care

Self Care – In the simplest terms. Finding time and ways to take care of yourself. Whether that’s eating healthier or sleeping longer, if it’s safe & makes you feel good – that’s self care.

I listed some of my favorite acts of self care in a previous blog post, you can check out here.

I often ask myself am I doing enough to care for me daily, because honestly there are times when I slip up with self, and I think we all do it no matter how conscious we try to be… Our days don’t often go as planned, perhaps we don’t eat on time, we aren’t getting the proper amount of sleep – it happens, we are all guilty of it.

Are you thinking of self care as this grand elaborate task you have to do for yourself? Trust me, the overthinking isnt necessary 😄.

Lets Break down the 5 Forms of Self Care… Shall We

Emotional self care: Finding ways to get in touch with your emotions and honor what you are feeling. No running, no avoiding – just allowing yourself to feel. Emotional self care is also including yourself in spaces and around people that grant you the safety to freely express when you aren’t okay. Understanding your triggers – why you were triggered and how to prevent those feelings from resurfacing (again)

Ways we can Emotionally self care:

  • Journaling (a trick that works for me when I find that I am triggered, is writing down exactly what triggered me – revisiting that note & trying to understand why I was triggered)
  • Cultivating positive emotional health within self – honoring and respecting the emotions you feel
  • Affirm greatness into yourself – tell yourself positive “I AM” Affirmations daily
  • Practice meditation – sitting with self & honing into what your body and mind is telling you

Mental self care: Do things that work for your mind and not against it. If you notice your days are getting ahead of you and you’re not finding space and time to tap into you – try creating a schedule that allows you to take breaks and rejuvenate. Do things that feed your mind.

Ways we can Mentally self care:

  • Puzzles, arts and crafts.
  • Disengaging from people and conversations that feel unhealthy
  • Honoring the boundaries you’ve created
  • Reading

Spiritual self care: Nurture your spirit, please note: this doesn’t always have to guide back to religion. Whatever brings your spirit solace, focus on that. Whatever brings you to a deeper connection to spirit, to higher power – honor that

  • Meditating
  • Praying
  • Being still & listening to what higher power is telling you
  • Honoring your intuition

Physical self care: Being mindful of how we are treating our body and allowing our body to function day to day. Are we listening to what our body is telling us it needs?

Ways we can Physically self care:

  • Stretch first thing in the morning
  • Practice Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Make sure you are getting the rest you need

Social Self care: Make sure the people around you are healthy, make sure they are pouring into you. Do things with people that mean the most to you, that make you feel seen, heard and loved.

Ways we can Socially self care:

  • Make sure the people you surround yourself with create a safe environment for you
  • Spend time with people who love you, the people you love in return
  • FaceTime a friend
  • Plan a date with your significant other or friend (friends can have dates too)

A Few Things to Remember

Don’t be to hard on yourself

Release the need for perfection

Don’t rush

You got this.

xoxo – Eye

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