6 Affirmations and Mantras To Help You Journey Through…

Start Speaking Love into yourself. Moving forward, From this day on! We are speaking love and power into ourselves.

True Love starts within

Sharing a few of my favorite affirmations and mantras that guide me through almost…… everything

☥ Affirmation: I allow my higher self to reign supreme

☥ I am Divine

Gentle Reminder: Know you are in control of your emotions, responses and reactions. Relationships, conversations, engagements that cause you to vibrate low… do not deserve you

☥ Affirmation: In this moment, in this space, all is well

☥ I am Safe

Gentle Reminder: No matter what chaos may be happening around you, the things that don’t directly involve you, do not serve you – do not give them life. In this moment, you are what matters the most and with that, all is well.

☥ I create the life I deserve

☥ I am Worthy

Gentle Reminder: Control the controllables. The things that surpass your control – allow the divine to take it over. Reminder that you are always looked out for, guarded and protected.

☥ My Potential is limitless

☥ I am Resourceful

Gentle Reminder: You are more than resourceful enough to create the bliss you deserve. You are more than resourceful enough to manifest the life you desire.

☥ I am not bound by the insecurities of others

☥ I am Free

Gentle Reminder: Do not allow the projections of others to become your reality. The feelings and emotions of others DO NOT belong to you.

☥ I am Here and I am allowed to take up space

☥ I am Deserving

Gentle Reminder: Your presence is the GIFT. That is your reminder!

Praying these reached you, when your heart needed it the most.

xoxo EyeRene

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