As your self love grows, so do your standards

There’s a popular saying “Others will treat you in the reflection in which you treat yourself” – realistically, as cliché as this statement may seem, you set the tone on how others will love on you.

You deserve divine love… Reciprocal energy, time and effort.

Most often we try so hard to see the best in people, to view past their shortcomings and accept them “flaws and all” – Reflection: How does that serve us? I started to understand what post emotions felt like every time I would exchange energy and although those exchanges (in the moment) felt “good” I started evaluating how depleted I felt after, how empty I started to feel, almost as if my energy was being drained from me… Then I started noticing the same people I was filling up…… weren’t returning that same vibe.

Words are so beautiful, but we really have to pay attention to a persons actions. Are their words and actions alining in your favor?

I’ve always begun to understand, that sometimes people can only love you as much as they love themselves, they can only give you what they know and have experienced. Learning NOT to internalize another persons lack there of.

Reminders… because I’ll be damned if we’re walking around allowing our crowns to tilt

  1. You are the gift
  2. You are God’s blessing, don’t allow people to fumble you
  3. Make sure energy is reciprocated
  4. Only go where the vibes feel safe
  5. You deserve high vibrational feels
  6. You do yourself a disservice continuing to allow yourself to be mistreated

Affirmation before you go and please repeat this daily

“I am only operating in spaces that bring me joy”

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