Release it

Sometimes the reality of creating boundaries is that we often have to implement them with the people we love the most. Realizing when relationships we’ve desperately tried to hold-on to because of – time spent, length of time, things we’ve done, ways we’ve honored, ways we’ve showed up, ways we’ve poured.. EGO sets in… “I refuse to leave this relationship empty handed, I’ve done so much”.. Until you realize… with all that you’ve done and given, you were walking in your purpose, doing God’s work, and that time – you needed to be experienced. NOW all that love and energy you’ve been pouring into those around you, you will pour back into you.

Releasing things for me, doesn’t always mean letting people go… It also means…. letting guilt go, letting resentment go, letting go of fear of the unknown, releasing feelings, habits and thoughts that have caused me to not view things, people or myself in the highest light. Releasing anything that causes me to question me and challenge my integrity. Releasing any feelings that aren’t high vibrational.

Through your release.. Honor why you feel this way

Healing requires release. Release requires forgiveness… forgiveness doesn’t always mean access

There’s power in being able to say “this happened, how can I move past “it” in a way that feels good to me” “How can I reclaim my power” “How can I acknowledge that I’ve always done the best I could in every situation I’ve been presented with”

How Free Did You Feel Once You Finally Let it Go?

Giving yourself Grace during the season of release looks like remembering how dope you are, remembering what you deserve, what’s deserving of you. giving yourself grace means not allowing yourself to be played with in ways that disrespect you and all the work you’ve done to be the you, you are now.

☥ Affirmations While You Release.. Whatever it is… You Need To Release ☥

  1.  I release the past so I can step into the future with pure intentions
  2. I am worthy of all the compassion and kindness life offers me
  3. I accept that I did the best I could at the time with what I knew
  4. I honor what I am being shown
  5. I give myself space to feel
  6. I go with the flow that life brings me
  7. I allow myself to move forward with love
  8. I hold space for myself during every part of my journey
  9. When I forgive, true power is birthed within
  10. I recognize the light within myself.

Journey through with love in your heart. The other vibrations don’t serve you

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