Your Reminder To Breathe

You don’t have to do it all

You don’t have to be all

You can just BE

I know it seems silly, sending a reminder to breathe because realistically with every movement, word and thought – we are in fact breathing, but are we being intentional with our breaths, are we being mindful of the energies and vibrations we are inviting with every inhale, are we consciously releasing toxins with every exhale.


Breathe like you are free

Breathe like you know you are deserving of the space you are trying to create in this moment

Breathe with a purpose

Breathe like it’s the most important thing you could do for yourself… in this moment

Breathing through anxiety, worry and “fear”

because I am fully aware of how debilitating and confusing anxiety can be, especially if comes at a time when its “the last thing you need or expect”. In public, at work, right before an important meeting or event, I am fully aware at how anxiety creeps up and attempts to snatch us up before we can even figure out how to find our safe space.

Would you believe me if I told you, intentional breathing eases all the anxiety you may be feeling?

No it doesn’t solve whatever problem you may ben having, no it doesn’t remove whatever feeling you may be feeling – but it does allow you to recenter your emotions (even if its temporary) and get you to a space where you can rely on logic instead of emotion.

Regulating that heart rate of yours

A trick that works for me (intentional breathing) … deep breath In.. hold it for 10 seconds and during that inhale intentionally think about everything that may be weighing heavy on your heart and mind – during that exhale repeat affirmations of power into yourself.

“I got this”

“All is well”

“I am doing the best I can”

In that moment of breathing, take a little of your power back.

Another trick that works for me… setting alarms. Every hour set an alarm 5-10 minutes, reminding you to take breaks, reminding you to breathe, reminding you to step away from whatever you are doing in that moment to center and realign yourself. Trust me, the alarms work and they always seem to come when I need it the most.


Joy is your birthright

Peace of mind… is your birthright

xoxo Eyerene

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