Let It Go

Reminders I’ve had to tell myself this week, multiple times this week

  • Everyone is NOT your assignment
  • Stop being afraid to release things that aren’t serving you, because you…. care
  • When people show you who they are, believe them
  • You shouldn’t have to apply pressure for someone to give you the bare minimum
  • You deserve more than the bare minimum




Falling short in honoring my boundaries this week have looked like not releasing situations that I know aren’t serving me because I care, here is where I was reminded “everyone is NOT my assignment” – there are people who come into your life to add and those that come. into your life to steal. Use Discernment.

Energy Vampires

people who knowingly come into your life, because you have something to offer them, you have something they’ve never experienced before (most of the time energetically).. but realistically they have NO idea how to care for you, they have nothing to offer you, they have no idea how to pour into you, and lack the compassion and common sense to know what it means to have a healthy, balanced energy exchange.

How to tell when you are encountering an energy vampire….

  1. You feel drained AFTER your time spent. (I say after because majority of the time, the DURING feels good) I always say, pay attention to how you feel after you leave them. Is that same happiness…… still alive?
  2. You start to take on their life’s issues
  3. They don’t take responsibility/accountability for how they make you feel
  4. They make excuses to keep you around (please note: You are simply feeding a part of their ego they’ve never had stroked before)
  5. They don’t pour back into you
  6. They only call or come around when it’s convenient for them

How to remove energy vampires from your life….

  1. Realize your worth
  2. Set clear boundaries
  3. Send them off with love

I hope that didn’t seem cold… However one thing I am realizing. Is that there are people in this world who are givers and people in this world who are takers. The givers, give with genuine intention – the takers, take.. with no regard.

They aren’t worthy!

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