Never be afraid to ask for help

First… for anyone dealing with depression, suicidal ideation – you are not alone, as difficult as it may be, and as “easier said than done” as this may sound, it will be okay, you CAN get through whatever it is that you may be battling, help is near, resources are out there, you are valuable to this world and you deserve to take up space.

DEPRESSION: “The Constant fight between you and your own thoughts, The battle between you and your own emotions – The intense fight between YOU and YOU”

Depression can make 1 hour seem like 1 entire day or even more, not wanting to get out of bed, eat, or over eat, completely cut off the outside world, the desire for little to no stimulation at all, not wanting to be here (at 17 years old, that seemed easy at the time). Reality is, I just wanted to be understood – but didn’t fully understand myself.

It’s so easy to view depression as a “cry for attention” – those who have never been through the darkness of it all, some will never understand. I remember living in moments so dark it was difficult to even think “light” was near. Having to re-learn myself all over again, having to re-love myself all over again, become aware of exactly what was happening for me emotionally and mentally – it became easy/easier for me to say “ok, this is normal, as unspoken in the black community as it may be – what I am going through, millions are battling with, there is nothing wrong with me” it became easier for me to find coping methods, learn ways to express myself to my friends and family without sounding unsure or uncertain, it became easier for me to properly articulate exactly what I was feeling, because if you’ve ever dealt with depression you know how easy it is to feel that wave of sadness and not know why or how you’re feeling that way, more so how to properly express it to people without feeling judged or misunderstood.

If you are dealing with depression

  1. Give yourself space, time and grace to feel and understand what you are feeling. To fully process your feelings, to honor your feelings
  2. Write, Write, Write, Write – Jot down when you feel triggered, and what emotions you felt in response to those triggers
  3. THERAPY – Don’t be afraid/embarrassed to talk to a professional. Don’t be afraid to be vulnerable in what you are feeling. Resources Here
  4. Cognitive Therapy (understanding that our thoughts influence our circumstances) this is simply the technique of transforming your negative thoughts into that of love and light. It can be as simple as.. if you find yourself in a spaces of self-doubt, change your “I cant” to “I can” Positive Thinking
  5. Meditate DAILY – find spaces of calm and allow yourself to BE in those spaces, safely and freely. 10 Tips For A Mindful Meditation
  6. Speak Love and Power into yourself. Affirmations and Mantras to Guide you
  7. Create a self care schedule. Set alarms for meditation, breaks, walks, reminders to eat, drink water… anything that resembles self care, that will grant you the opportunity to realign yourself…. do just that
  8. Find support groups (if you can’t confide in the people currently in your life). There are also support groups on instagram with resources for POC.
  9. Breathe through the feelings – conscious breathing also reduces anxiety
  10. Know that Today’s feelings don’t have to travel with you into Tomorrow – control the controllables

Affirmations… If you are dealing with depression

  1. I am not my past, nor does my situation define me
  2. I am constantly evolving and giving myself the space to
  3. I may not be understood by everyone, that is okay
  4. Everyday is a gift
  5. I am doing the best I can
  6. I am the gift

Praying the journey continues to be kind to you

Praying you continue to be kind to you

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