44 Affirmations To Guide You Through

… Because the words you speak to yourself matter.

Affirmations for Inner Peace:

  1. I honor myself and how far I’ve come
  2. I am doing the best I can and that is good enough
  3. I am grateful for each moment I am able to live and love again
  4. I release fear and embrace joy
  5. I am whole
  6. Right now… in this moment… all is well
  7. I release stress and anxiety
  8. Today I choose joy, Today I choose me
  9. Peace and Love surrounds me, I am deserving
  10. I am the light in a dark room
  11. I am at peace with my past and I am creating a bountiful future

Affirmations for Self Love:

  1. I treat myself with love and kindness
  2. Insecurities and self doubt are not welcome here
  3. My goal is progress, not perfection
  4. I am more than enough
  5. I am right where I need to be
  6. I say goodbye to self-pity and blame
  7. I forgive myself for the times I let myself down
  8. I will never apologize for being me
  9. I accept and love myself unconditionally
  10. The love I pour into me is unmatched
  11. Fully accepting all of me, I am perfect, just the way I am

Affirmations for Healing:

  1. I allow myself the space and grace to heal
  2. I did not come this far, to only come this far
  3. Peace is my birthright
  4. I choose to heal because chaos serves no place here
  5. I am gentle with myself through the healing process
  6. I am worthy of the peace and love I exude to those around me
  7. The light I possess can never be dimmed
  8. I honor my need to release the things and people that stunt my joy
  9. If it’s not worth it, It is not worthy of me
  10. I forgive myself for any pain I may have caused me
  11. I am here to take up space

Affirmations For Anxiety & Stress Relief

  1. I embrace change and know that I am here
  2. I am resilient
  3. I choose calm, because chaos does not serve me
  4. I am patient with myself doing my journey
  5. I understand that all things take time
  6. I give myself grace to BE and know that, that is enough
  7. I set myself free with forgiveness
  8. I am safe
  9. I do not have to prove myself to anyone
  10. The past is over
  11. Healing is my superpower

Prompts to help you create Affirmations as you go

I am….

I release…

My mind is…

I love…

You Matter – xoxo Eye

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