I had to forgive someone that wasn’t accountable or sorry… Growth!!

Forgiveness has been heavy on my heart lately. In reflection, I had to realize, I had/have to forgive someone who isn’t even sorry or accountable.. It took me a while to figure out certain feelings and emotions I was holding onto, were led by the fact that, I have yet to forgive…

A friend reminded me recently, after venting about a situation that recently hurt me and she asked me “have you really forgiven this person”? and proceed to say “this is why these things still hurt you, in some ways you are waiting for an apology you know you will never receive”, An although this is something I already knew, I think having someone speak it to me, set the perspective where I needed it to be”

Reflection: Did I actually forgive this person?

Reflection: Have I taken the necessary steps to heal from whatever it was that was done to me that did not honor my higher good?

Reflection: Have I forgiven myself for any parts that I may have played in remaining in any situation that I knew were not beneficial to me…. in the long run?

Letting it go… has also meant releasing the need for an an apology to serve as a means in healing. Acknowledging that I will never receive the accountability that I am searching for, and also understanding that another person’s (lack of) accountability should never hold weight in my healing process.

Running with forgiveness has also meant giving myself the space to feel everything I am feeling – to release guilt, resentment and regret. To not harbor emotions that hold me back from experiencing true joy.

I had to remember… People know exactly what they are doing when they treat us less than what they know we are deserving of or what they’d like to receive themselves. They are aware!

Gentle Reminder: Your feelings are valid, even if they aren’t validated

I had to remind myself… People treat you exactly how they feel about you!

Everything operates with Intention, make sure people are intentional with you

Reminders & Affirmations to guide you through your journey with forgiveness

  1. I honor what I am feeling in this moment and release what feelings are not serving me
  2. I am patient with myself during this next phase in my journey
  3. I give myself time
  4. I release the need for validation for my feelings
  5. There is no guilt in forgiveness, only peace
  6. Suffering & Healing do not have to share the same space
  7. I am deserving of love that flows like water
  8. Ease is my birthright
  9. Forgiveness is the real peace
  10. A friend reminded me.. Forgiveness doesn’t mean acceptance!!!!

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