Manifesting the life you want

Happy 2021 Family. We made it, we are here. I’ll jump right in, if you are familiar with the laws of attraction, positive thinking, the power of our thoughts.. then you should be familiar with manifestation – because honestly, we do it every single day (whether consciously or unwittingly) we are always manifesting. As repeatedlyContinue reading “Manifesting the life you want”

Leave fear behind. Walk proud in your purpose

5:28 am Random thoughts as the “desire to be great” is keeping me up. As my book comes to completion and I sit here going back and forth, experiencing extreme anxiety knowing that I am finally doing something I’ve had my heart set on since the age of 16, and now, here at 33 –Continue reading “Leave fear behind. Walk proud in your purpose”

Heal & Stop Projecting Your Pain into Others

Okay, I know the title seems a bit harsh but the reality is…. yes, if you don’t heal from the past, the people and the trauma that’s still living rent free in your heart, you will continue to either….. 1. Continue cycles of self harm (knowingly placing yourself in situations or around people that areContinue reading “Heal & Stop Projecting Your Pain into Others”

Friendly Reminder: Disengage it’s Okay

How often do you tap into you? Fully tap into you with no interruptions and outside noise? It’s easy to forget about ourselves trying to be there for everyone else around us. It’s only easy to recognize that you’ve put yourself last when it’s time to pour into self and you have no energy leftContinue reading “Friendly Reminder: Disengage it’s Okay”

You ignored your intuition? Congratulations you played yourself.

Have you ever felt like you were receiving signs about a person or situation, your intuition stronger than ever, things suddenly don’t feel right but you aren’t sure where those feelings are coming from. You’re getting that “gut” feeling your grandma used to tell you about. However, you choose to against all those signs andContinue reading “You ignored your intuition? Congratulations you played yourself.”

10 Tips For A Mindful Meditation

The thought of meditation for some can be a few things 1. Scary 2. Weird even The main thing that limits the feeling most of us want to receive from within post meditation, is feeling like you have to follow a rule book, the feeling that you aren’t “doing it right”. In a nutshell, stopContinue reading “10 Tips For A Mindful Meditation”

When someone shows you who they are, believe them

Self Harm is also knowing involving yourself with people or in situations that have shown you they are unhealthy, unworthy or unsure (and you deserve people in your life who are “sure” of you. More times than often we want to see the best in someone, we create a narrative in our minds based onContinue reading “When someone shows you who they are, believe them”