10 Tips For A Mindful Meditation

The thought of meditation for some can be a few things 1. Scary 2. Weird even

The main thing that limits the feeling most of us want to receive from within post meditation, is feeling like you have to follow a rule book, the feeling that you aren’t “doing it right”. In a nutshell, stop putting pressure on yourself – there’s no rule book or grade to a successful media – it’s what feels good to you.

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When someone shows you who they are, believe them

Some people present themselves one way, eventually, with time, the real them emerges.

Self Harm is also knowing involving yourself with people or in situations that have shown you they are unhealthy, unworthy or unsure (and you deserve people in your life who are “sure” of you.

More times than often we want to see the best in someone, we create a narrative in our minds based on potential and possibly. We ignore the signs and flags because seeing the “good” serves more of a momentary purpose (once again, a disservice)

People have a keen way of showing us who they are – we just have a keen way of ignoring it.

The two most important things you should safe guard and uphold in any relationship or friendship is communication and consistency. I remember someone telling me how easy those two things were & as time passed those were the same two things they lacked, funny huh.

Your intuition isn’t lying, if something feels off – then it is. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated into thinking that you’re over reacting, over assuming or over thinking – intuition is a gift. The feeling you get in your gut, that’s a gift. Don’t go against what your energy is telling you.

Make sure their actions match their words. Good words are like music to the ears, people know what to say to grab our attention or keep your attention. Actions are dancing to the rhythm of those words. It’s almost like a song with no rhythm and beat – you’ll be all over the place.

Affirmation from my heart to yours:

My Inner peace can not and will not be tainted or disturbed

Finding Your Passion, Aligning in Purpose

Now y’all know I STAN for a Black Owned Business, young entrepreneurs, people aligning in their purpose … But you know what make that even better? When those people are your friends – your sisters!!!! Watching them flourish in their light is literally like watching my subconscious self graduate from the most prestige of colleges, just damn proud.

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10 Affirmations & Daily Reminders You Should Always Take With You

The Power of Positive Thinking

Ultimately you are what you think. Your thoughts dictate how you view yourself, how the world views you. Your thoughts determine the day you will have, your actions, interactions, your approach to everyday life situations, trials and tribulations.

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