Mindfulness & The 5 Forms of Self Care

Self Care – In the simplest terms. Finding time and ways to take care of yourself. Whether that’s eating healthier or sleeping longer, if it’s safe & makes you feel good – that’s self care. I listed some of my favorite acts of self care in a previous blog post, you can check out here.Continue reading “Mindfulness & The 5 Forms of Self Care”

Positive Thinking Can Change Everything

Ultimately you are what you think. Your thoughts dictate how you view yourself, how the world views you. Your thoughts determine the day you will have, your actions, interactions, your approach to everyday life situations, trials and tribulations. Self care tip: Buy some post-its, write down your favorite affirmations, stick them all over your house

Manifesting the life you want

I’ll jump right in, if you are familiar with the laws of attraction, positive thinking, the power of our thoughts.. then you should be familiar with manifestation – because honestly, we do it every single day (whether consciously or unwittingly) we are always manifesting. As repeatedly said… our thoughts attract our belief systems within ourselves.Continue reading “Manifesting the life you want”

Leave fear behind. Walk proud in your purpose

5:28 am Random thoughts as the “desire to be great” is keeping me up. As my book comes to completion and I sit here going back and forth, experiencing extreme anxiety knowing that I am finally doing something I’ve had my heart set on since the age of 16, and now, here at 33 –Continue reading “Leave fear behind. Walk proud in your purpose”

Heal & Stop Projecting Your Pain into Others

Okay, I know the title seems a bit harsh but the reality is…. yes, if you don’t heal from the past, the people and the trauma that’s still living rent free in your heart, you will continue to either….. 1. Continue cycles of self harm (knowingly placing yourself in situations or around people that areContinue reading “Heal & Stop Projecting Your Pain into Others”