Stop Expecting You From People

There’s a saying, treat others the way you’d like to be treated – but so often the “others” can’t seem to live up to that standard when it comes to reciprocating the good vibes they receive, but more so I think the expectation that people are “supposed” to be good to us, because we areContinue reading “Stop Expecting You From People”

When my circle got smaller, it also got stronger.

It’s nice to have friends you can party with, but can you pray with them too? Please note: I despise the term “friends” I’ve come to realize those bonds are easily broken. I’ve also come to grips with the fact I handle every connection like a relationship. I don’t do well with mediocre “connections”

The Harsh Reality, Your Love Languages Won’t Be The Same.

Love Language + Understanding the way your partner communicates. Imagine what love would look like if we all loved in the same way, with the same conviction and discipline, the same level of over compensating affection or the exact opposite. We all love differently – We all speak it, show it & define it DIFFERENTLY.Continue reading “The Harsh Reality, Your Love Languages Won’t Be The Same.”