Pouring The Love Languages Back to you

Never be afraid to ask for help

Release it and Grow

6 Affirmations while you journey through

Mindfulness & The 5 Forms of Self Care

Writing so the healing can begin

Manifesting the life you want

Positive thinking changes everything

Be patient with yourself during your journey

Your life – Your Rules

Are you really happy?

Disengage…. It’s quite alright

Shadow Work, Let’s talk about it

You ignored your intuition, congratulations you played yourself

When someone shows you who they are, believe them

Self Care is Avoiding Toxicity

Stop Expecting YOU from the PEOPLE around you

Are you working for your PASSION & PURPOSE or a PAYCHECK


Protecting Your Peace..Finding Your Balance

BrownGirls – We Love You

Self Sabotaging & You Don’t Even Realize it

The OTHER Side of Depression

The OTHER Side of Abuse

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